Pedestrian Barriers

Convenient crowd control

Pedestrian barriers are formed from unique one piece panels that are designed specifically to be deployed as quickly as possible. They are suitable for low to medium crowd densities and are often used for demarcation at events, providing a cheap and efficient solution to crowd segregation.

Tailored to your needs

Supplied galvanised as standard, we can paint pedestrian barriers in a colour of your choice if required. They are available on a equipment only basis (dry hire), equipment only plus transport, or with our fully installed service (wet hire).

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

2.3m fixed leg pedestrian barrier

Our 2.3m fixed leg barrier is most commonly used for the segregation of areas at events. They stand 1.2m high from the ground and interlock with hooks and eyes to produce a solid fencing line. The panels have offset feet making them easy to stack when not in use and they are easy to erect, dismantle and handle.

London Marathon Start Area

London Marathon Start Area

2.3m flat foot pedestrian barrier

These barriers are the same as those detailed above, but they have a separate flat foot plate. They are suitable for areas such as queuing lanes where trip hazards are a consideration.

1.5m Met Police barrier

This heavy duty steel barrier is used in situations where medium to high crowd pressure is expected. They have a triangular base that is placed away from the crowd and is designed to prevent the panels sliding.

Met Police barrier can withstand greater pressure than lighter weight alternatives and can be used at the side of stages, mixing positions, disabled viewing platforms, etc.

MET barrier in front of the Star Wars Crowd

MET barrier in front of the Star Wars Crowd

Find out more

For more information about our wide range of pedestrian barrier or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact our expert team on 0844 870 9802.


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